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Thus, a healthy, well-adjusted person with few risk factors is not going to become a school-shooter just because they start playing a lot of violent video games or watching a lot of violent movies.” One of Anderson’s colleagues at Iowa State University, Douglas Gentile, Ph D, Associate Professor of Psychology, along with Brad Bushman, Ph D, Professor of Communication and Psychology at Ohio State University and Professor of Communication Science at the VU University in Amsterdam, recently published a study that identifies media exposure as 1 of the 6 risk factors for predicting later aggression in 430 children (aged 7 to 11, grades 3 to 5) from Minnesota schools.Besides media violence, the remaining risk factors are bias toward hostility, low parental involvement, participant sex, physical victimization, and prior physical fights.

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Yet the propaganda, Tanay said, makes people feel that crime is everywhere and that guns are needed for protection.

Asked about the hundreds of murderers he has examined and possible links to media violence, Tanay said, “Most homicides are committed by people who know each other, and who have some momentary conflict and have a weapon handy.

One of many factors Despite the links between media violence and aggression, Anderson stressed, “media violence is only one of many risk factors for later aggressive and violent behavior.

Furthermore, extremely violent behavior never occurs when there is only one risk factor present.

Usually only hit men, who are very rare, kill strangers.” Tanay did acknowledge, however, that some mentally ill individuals are vulnerable to dramatized violence.

“They are naturally more vulnerable, because they are in the community, they are sick, and they may misinterpret something.” The 2 teenage boys who murdered 12 schoolmates and a teacher and injured 21 others at Columbine High School in Colorado before killing themselves, he said, lived in a pathological environment.Tanay noted, “Anything that promotes something can be called propaganda.” What we call entertainment is really propaganda for violence.If you manufacture guns, you don’t need to advertise, because it is done by our entertainment industry.” In reality, the number of violent crimes has been falling, but the public’s perception is that violence has increased.Knowing students’ risk for aggression can help school officials determine which students might be more likely to get in fights or possibly bully other students, according to Gentile, who runs the Media Research Lab at Iowa State University.He said he can get “over 80% accuracy” in predicting which child is at high risk for bullying behavior by knowing 3 things—“are they a boy, have they gotten in a fight within the past year, and do they consume a lot of media violence.” In discussing their study findings, Gentile and Bushman wrote: “The best single predictor of future aggression in the sample of elementary schoolchildren was past aggression, followed by violent media exposure, followed by having been a victim of aggression.” They added that their risk-factor approach can “cool down” the heated debate on the effects of media violence, since “exposure to violent media is not the only risk factor for aggression or even the most important risk factor, but it is one important risk factor.” “We are interested in using this new approach to measuring the multiple risk factors for aggression in additional samples, and also increasing the number of risk factors we examine (there are over 100 known risk factors for aggression),” Gentile told .Nearly two-thirds of TV programs contain some physical violence.Most self-involving video games contain some violent content, even those for children.In contrast, a longitudinal study published this year by Ferguson and colleagues, which followed 165 boys and girls (aged 10 to 14 years) over 3 years, found no long-term link between violent video games and youth aggression or dating violence.Studies from Japan, Singapore, Germany, Portugal, and the US show that “the association between media violence and aggression is similar across cultures,” according to Anderson.“You turn on the television, and violence is there.You go to a movie, and violence is there,” Tanay told . If you live in a fictional world, then the fictional world becomes your reality.” The average American watches nearly 5 hours of video each day, 98% of which is watched on a traditional television set, according to Nielsen Company.


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