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Recalling their relationship, he said: 'She was by far the first person to twig that I was gay.

My mother was awful about it, my father was surprisingly understanding, but Nana showed just the right amount of acceptance and concern.'He later adopted his Greek grandmother's surname but preferred the mystique of simply being known as 'Milo.' He identifies as a Catholic, although he also claims Jewish heritage via his maternal grandmother.

He is the Cambridge University-educated 'super villain of the internet' who refers to Donald Trump as 'daddy'.

But the phenomenal rise of right-wing British writer Milo Yiannopoulos came to a juddering halt this week after footage emerged of him appearing to condone pedophilia.

In a previous interview, he told The Times: 'My mother never really stopped that stuff happening with my stepdad. In an interview with Bloomberg Yiannopoulos appeared to hint that his father was a gangster, joking: 'My dad is like Tony Soprano but Greek.

He does unspeakable things during the day and comes home and listens to Wagner and drinks fine wine.'I would think, If my dad is just a doorman, why do we have such a nice house?On the controversial website, the 32-year-old has written inflammatory pieces with headlines such as 'Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?', 'There's no hiring bias against women in tech, they just suck at interviews' and 'Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy.'In an attack on Muslims, he said: 'Their outfits are hilarious. Is there anything more comically sinister than the sight of a herd of women swathed in black bedsheets?Discussing his religious views, he said: 'I'm basically mostly Catholic, though a terrible one.'He attended Simon Langton Grammar School, a publicly funded but academically selective institution in southern England, where he showed early signs of his attention-seeking future.Speaking to Mail Online, a school friend said: 'He was always a bit of an outsider and an extrovert - but he really came to prominence at school when he effectively came out around the age of 14 by singing Big Gay Al's Super song from South Park as part of a full-school music assembly.'This was quite a courageous thing to do at an all-boys school in the 90s and he probably suffered some abuse because of it.'He claims he was expelled but no-one who I know remembers that.' After leaving school, he began a literature degree at Manchester University, dropped out, went to Wolfson College in Cambridge and completed two years, before dropping out again.A classmate at the all-boys school he attended revealed how he 'effectively came out' as gay in front of the whole assembly by singing a song from South Park.And, despite his love of fanning the flames of online hatred, he is fiercely devoted to some members of his family - when his beloved grandmother died three years ago, he said it was only bad thing that's ever happened to him.It was at the Telegraph that he began to forge a reputation as a provocateur and an enemy of the Left. He appeared to revel in the speculation.'The search for clicks and attention was remorseless and rather awe-inspiring in its horrible way.At the paper, he quickly gained a reputation as a web prodigy - but constantly provoked trouble by 'picking fights with absolutely everyone', according to colleagues. When Twitter arrived it was veritable catnip to a controversialist on the make.'He adopted the names of despotic Roman emperors Nero and Caligula for his two Twitter accounts, and revelled in his ability to whip up storms of support and outrage before he was banned from the site last year for bullying.He later returned to his alma mater for a talk at the Cambridge Union debating society and said: 'It was a pretty cool 'f*** you' [after they] threw me out after repeated warnings for the ridiculously trivial reason that I didn't show up to supervisions, didn't submit any essays, and spent most of my time s**gging and drinking instead of reading.'In 2007, he self-published a bizarre volume of poetry under the name Milo Andreas Wagner, overflowing with histrionic verses.In one poem, titled 'Domination', he wrote: 'Boys came.


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