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Peggy Giordano, Professor of Sociology at Bowling Green State University says: When people have sex with a friend, they tend to be more trusting that the person doesn’t have a sexually transmitted disease and therefore fail to use a condom.If you’ve known a person for a while, you don’t have that vigilance.Considering that the CDC estimates that approximately in 1 in 6 people aged 14-49 have genital herpes, it’s something bound to rear it’s ugly head in the hook up culture. How do you see it when it comes to telling a potential partner?

So when you hook up with Teddy, and you get herpes, Teddy will say, “No way! It’s also the reality that people who have no symptoms do not want to take the blood test.

I’m not so much looking for advice as like I said, I’ve come to terms with and am always honest with a sexual partner (I figure, if you want me bad enough, you’ll wrap it LOL!

), but I know back when I got it that I was young scared and never wanted to have sex again so if that was me, how many other young people are in a similar situation? The third thing that happened was that a young woman I know realized something was up with her lady parts and went to get tested.

The second thing that happened is that I received this email from a reader: When I was younger (read teenage, dumb and thought I was in love) I ended up contracting herpes from my then boyfriend.

I didn’t know he had it, never asked and he never told.


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