An intimidating ornament in a female pipefish

an intimidating ornament in a female pipefish-73
Comparisons with earlier results show that both sexes courted partners and competed with consexuals.

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Males competed among themselves for access to mates but for a shorter duration than females in the same situation.

Males displayed an ornament towards females but not to males during mating competition.

However, the effects of ontogenetic allometry on static allometry remain largely unexplored.

Here, we first show analytically how individual variation in ontogenetic allometry and body size affect static allometry.

Thus, in this sex-role reversed species, mate choice in the more competitive sex may be circumvented and even overruled by mate competition and mating willingness in the least competitive sex.

Hence, sex roles should not be considered as sexes being either choosy or competitive but rather that males and females may exhibit different combinations of choice and competition. Presently, there are few unambiguous demonstrations of an ornament functioning in both a mate choice and mate competition context and none regarding female ornaments.We have shown earlier that a temporary ornament, a striped pattern, in a sex-role reversed female pipefish, Syngnathus typhle, attracts males.Furthermore, male size did not affect whether or not a nesting male succeeded in mating, indicating that male size was not essential for female acceptance (i.e.whether or not a female is willing to mate) of a male in the current situation.However, competition over mates among individuals of one sex does not necessarily prevent members of that same sex from being choosy, and choosiness in the other sex does not prevent competition within it.In an experiment we allowed a female pipefish to choose freely between two males, after which we released the males and let the three interact.Anders Berglund and Gunilla Rosenqvist Behavioral Ecology, 2009, vol.20, issue 1, 54-59 Abstract: A sexually selected signal may serve a dual function being both attractive to mates and deterring rivals.Here we capitalize upon the reproductive biology of male-pregnant pipefishes to document the occurrence of clustered microsatellite mutations and to estimate their rates and patterns from family data.Among a total of 3195 embryos genetically screened from 110 families, 40% of the 35 detected de novo mutant alleles resided in documented mutational clusters.


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