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or did you know once Steve Burton was coming back he would indeed continue as Jason, and Billy Miller would wind up being Drew?CHRIS: We played out many different scenarios – one of them being Drew, and one of them being Jason.I am so lucky to work with Shelly Altman, and our breakdown writing team, Elizabeth Korte, and with our script writers, as they all bring something amazing to the table. His return provides years of story for him, and for his counterpart, Billy Miller.

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But any women who respects herself as much as Alexis does, is not going to fall so easily back in love for anyone.

Now, complicating that is the fact that she loves the hell out of Julian, and she is trying to go forward in her life, and trying to reconcile the fact that he did these awful things. But I will say, if they do, there will be many obstacles to traverse before it happens.

I had a toehold with GH, but jumped right in with OLTL.

You have a huge fan base contingent of the Julexis Army, who want to know what will happen now to their favorite duo with Julian (William de Vry) out of prison, and how, if at all, the writers can find a way to get the him back with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), after all of the horrible things that happened between them in the past. CHRIS: Julian was a bad boy, and there is no cutting around that, and Alexis is a modern woman, who is a stand-in for the audience, if you will.

Maura West (Ava) has once again delivered phenomenal work with her performances in 2017, being some of her best yet on GH. (Laughs) I think Maura breathes fire, and she lights everybody up with whom she plays. We will see what incarnation of Ava is revealed, sort of looking through the lens of Griffin.

How do you feel about this romantic pairing of Ava with Griffin (Matt Cohen)? She has got a transformation underway in more ways than one, and we will see if it takes.

The only thing I think I bring to the table is my love for GH, this genre, and as a fan of this show.

I grew up on ABC Daytime from and on is all part of my subconscious, where GH and soap operas are concerned. I’m still a soap fan, and I am trying to selfishly bring my fan dreams into reality on the show (Laughs).

When I think about actresses like Maura, it reminds me of the interview I did when I was a college student at NYU.

I was interviewing for an internship at , because of Viki and Dorian, and Tina.” I like soaps in particular OLTL and GH, because of their strong female characters, and that is what Ava represents to me.


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