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I sometimes scramble around the cab of a truck like a monkey.However, Guy was not used to me climbing all over and thought I was falling behind the seat.But my starving cunt wouldn't give up a treat this fantastic so easily, so each outward stroke was met by a grasping thrust against him by my bucking and welcoming hips.

He thought we should just suck it up and drive as fast as we could to get to the hotel so we could give our undivided attention to each other then.

I argued that we would be much better off planning to pull over every 30 minutes or so in a highway lookout or rest-stop and make sure our overwhelming needs didn't cause unsafe driving.

But remember, you're with me", he quietly said under his breath.

Without giving them any noticeable attention, he positioned me over his rock hard 10 inches now standing at relentless attention.

His smile and the strength of his arms and hands made me feel completely safe and in the moment- who cares if there are 15 or more truckers and other drivers out there looking at us right now?

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I smiled into his eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck, leaning into the biggest most passionate kiss I have ever given as I lowered myself in a smooth motion onto his full length.I opened his jeans and lowered my face to his cock as he pulled my skirt over my hips and began to stroke his fingers on, in and around the wetness now flooding me.My naked butt was facing the passenger window with his hands exploring my cunt and he was thrusting his fingers in my opening pink pussy.When I looked up at him at one point from my vantage point in his lap, his eyes looked down at me with a brightness and energized bliss.I realized I hadn't seen that look in years- since long before I married my husband. If he did, he was happy to show off his trophy now covered with glistening juices and bucking against his hand wildly.We held that embrace and kiss for quite awhile, but our hips and legs seemed to be doing their own thing, as the next thing I knew I was back in the position that started this situation: bent over the seat with my head in the backseat and pussy facing the windshield.Only now, he was behind me and bent over the seat with me, lying against my back as he stroked slowly the full length in and then -- just as slowly- back out until it almost escaped.We were pretty pent up and eager to be together even before we got driving, so the prospect of spending the next 4 hours focused on driving to our destination was frustrating to say the least.We spent a good 20 minutes debating exactly how to handle the excessive sexual tension that was already building up on the way to Santa Cruz.About 15 years ago, I was dating my husband's boss, Guy, from the construction site he was working on.We had been dating for about 5 months and one of the first weekends we went away together, we took a trip to Santa Cruz for 4 days.


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