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Grimshaw was showing Nick video clips that might get his heart rate up.There was a video from his brother Joe Jonas revealing an embarrassing story, a clip of Miley's music video for the song "7 Things" that's about her romance with Nick and then a message from Selena herself. Don’t need to say my whole name with you, but it is.His starting heart rate was “mid to late 60s” (which is important to know for later).

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Cyrus's song "7 Things" was always thought to be about Jonas, and now the pop star has just confirmed Miley was wearing the dog tag he gave her in the video.

In a recent game of "Heart Rate Monitor" Jonas is seen sitting in a hospital bed while hooked up to a heart monitor.

And yes, he was forced to relive uncomfortable memories from his past.

At one point, Selena Gomez mentioned a time when the two were in Central Park together, and Jonas admitted that because their relationship wasn't confirmed, the two walked around the park about 25 feet apart from one another.

Oh, and did we mention that while Nick was first started telling this story, his heart rate got rather high, all the way up to 94.

LOL, well maybe looking back on these memories got him a bit flustered for a minute knowing that Selena seemed to be the one who wanted their relationship to be out in the open but he wasn't about it back in the day, that's for sure.

Appearing on Nick Grimshaw's popular BBC radio show this week, Nick Jonas was pranked by Selena Gomez, only not in person.

Nick was cool enough to play along to one of the host's recurring segments, which found him attached to a heart rate monitor to see how hot and bothered he would get when asked particular questions about his personal life.

So, even if Gomez was unhappy at the time, perhaps the terrible Central Park experience was ultimately for the best.

Leave it to the British to conjure up some cheeky celebrity dirt.


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