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Amazon review snippet: " attention right from the start...written with a cast of characters you come to know well over the span of the story."» Publisher information Description: Literary short stories....

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What if everyone else in the room was also naked..also a version of yourself?

That's the reality Esme Kuchis finds herself in, and soon things get even weirder. This alternate world is home to an ancient, secret Order with a king, conjuri magicians, cavali fighters, and dozens of paranormal races. They protect an unsuspecting public from malevolenci, demonic beasts from otherworldly rifts.

As an alterni summoned to this world, Esme must partner with the king and fight using magic only an alterni can wield. Can Esme use her unique gifts to master this world's magic?

Unfortunately, the model-perfect King Owen is broken by grief and guilt, the Order has little faith in her, and the malevolenci are worse than ever. If she can't, the consequences might be more devastating than Owen is willing to say.» Publisher information: I am the author of this book and hoping for an honest review in exchange for a free e-copy.

For the sake of the planet, diplomat Michael Wallenson is tasked with keeping them away from Donald Trump at all costs. Or will these heavily armed, easily offended aliens succeed in reaching our leader? Dedicated and driven, Detective Erika Lawson protects the streets of the Gold Coast.

Building the border dome, coal-powered missiles, and the true identities of the men in black - all in Take Us To Your Trump, another hilarious satirical comedy from author Andrew Stanek.» Publisher information: One by One was released on the 3rd of February 2018 and, as the author of this title, I'm giving away 100 copies to introduce you to my latest book. Every weekend hundreds flock to the bright lights and sandy shores of the Gold Coast to party.

Both frightened and enticed, they consider the existence of the future as they also want to control the content of that future.

A book of speculative fiction where during their brief futuristic episodes they are cast as key players in a crime.

These stories explore the domestic and professional adventures of people in over their heads, while leavening their struggles with humor.» Publisher information: Hi all!

I'm Andrew Stanek, the author of Take Us To Your Trump.


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