Ashley greene admits to dating jackson

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It gives you a zest for life, that after 300 years you might lose. Whenever you encounter someone you admire, you lose a little bit of yourself and get giddy.I live by the motto that everything happens for a reason and you should live each day like it’s your last. Sometimes, as much as we love our fans, it becomes a little scary.Jackson - who is best known for playing Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga movie series - is said to have traded in two of his cars for a more family-friendly Lexus Hybrid SUV in preparation for the new arrival.'I have loved my character and I have loved playing Jasper through the years, so if there is an extension of playing Jasper - more so in his own element, maybe go back in time and do a vampire western, show Jasper where he came from - I would be down for that.

It would be great to see the way we evolve as people but in reality it’s nice to know it’s all going to end one day.

Not that I’m opposed to marriage, but right now I would have a hard time giving everything to someone else.

My parents got married very young; they’re still together and they have a beautiful marriage.

The Cullens are preparing to go to war with the all-powerful Volturi, the 3,000-year-old Italian vampire coven, led by Aro (played by Michael Sheen).

Ashley was raised, alongside her older brother Joe, in Jacksonville, Florida, by her father Joe, owner of a construction company, and her mother Michele, who works in insurance.


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