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Results indicate that patient initiation was negatively associated with pain with sexual intercourse.

Results indicate that patient initiation was negatively associated with pain with sexual intercourse.Perceived partner initiation was positively correlated with patient quality of life and negatively correlated with patient age and full time work.ABSTRACT: In this article, we present a qualitative research study concerning the ways that systemic family therapy trainees experience reflexivity while in training.

Dunya genelinde artan bosanma oranlari ve bunun aile yapisi, cocuklarin ve yetiskinlerin ruh sagligi uzerindeki olumsuz etkileri goz onunde bulunduruldugunda, gelecek nesillerin ruh sagligi adina tedbirler alinmasi gerekmektedir.

Ulusal capta yapilan bazi boylamsal calismalar, iliskilerde baglilik eksikliginin bosanmanin bir numarali sebebi oldugunu ortaya koymustur.

We herein report situational anejaculation in 24-, 26-, 34-year-old males who presented with inability to ejaculate intra-vaginally since they got married.

All of them were the sole males in their family, had a childhood in a conservative community, and had arranged marriages.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Romantik Iliskiler, Genc Yetiskinlik, Baglilik, Baglanma Stilleri, Yakin Iliski Inanclari ABSTRACT: Discourse (DA) and conversation (CA) analysis, two qualitative research methods, have been recently suggested as potentially promising for the study of family therapy due to common epistemological adherences and their potential for an in situ study of therapeutic dialog.

However, to date, there is no systematic methodological review of the few existing DA and CA studies of family therapy.These include choice of method, framing of research question(s), data/sampling, type of analysis, epistemological perspective, content/type of knowledge claims, and attendance to criteria for good quality practice.It is argued that the reviewed studies show "glimpses" of the methods' potential for family therapy research despite the identification of certain "shortcomings" regarding their methodological rigor.In our study, we used Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis to analyse transcripts of semistructured interviews with 10 systemic family therapy trainees.Here, we present one of the four superordinate analytic themes, entitled “Moving between reflexive processes”.These include unclearly framed research questions and the predominance of case study designs.They also include inconsistencies between choice of method, stated or unstated epistemological orientations and knowledge claims, and limited attendance to criteria for good quality practice.This essay will give a brief review of some of the structural changes for the black family and consider war as a compelling factor in the rise of single parenthood in the American black family.ABSTRACT: Anejaculation is defined as the inability to ejaculate semen despite sexual stimulation by intercourse or masturbation.Our analysis suggests that trainees seem to experience reflexivity as a multifaceted, dialogic process, which occurs both at an inner and at an outer space and both synchronically but also subsequently to the therapeutic/training process.We conclude by raising implications for family therapy training.


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