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What you’re not taking into account as how Aurorans banded together as a community and supported each other through one their toughest and hardest times. Your Auroran sweetie knows all the greatest places to see and experience in Colorado, like the Rocky Mountains National Park, Pikes Peak, Mesa Verde, Garden of the Gods, Vail, Mount Evans and the Colorado National Monument. Not only do they have a huge sports scene, but the locals like to get out running, biking, hiking, rock climbing and moving their bodies. The endorphins you create together will give you a feeling of euphoria, which is always a good thing when it comes to being in love.

This means you’ll spend your weekends taking fun road trips and postcard-perfect photos that will become your most favorite mementos and memories of all time. Growing up in the shadow of Denver, Aurorans have learned how to carve out their own niche, appreciate their own uniqueness and revel in their own confidence.

Dating an Auroran will always be an adventure because they like to keep fit and healthy, and not just by spending time on the elliptical. This is a great thing for you, because you don’t have to deal with a sweetheart that lacks self confidence.

They know they’re awesome and when you’re with them, you’ll feel ten times more awesome, too. Claiming the Denver Broncos is really the only time that Aurorans admit to being part of the Denver metro area.

Whether you'd rather be swooshing down a snowy mountain, researching UFO lore, searching for the best pho in town, or teeing off at Murphy Creek, you'll find all your favorite things are more enjoyable when you've got the right person to share them with. After joining e Harmony, you're probably going to start meeting your most compatible singles in Aurora pretty quickly!

Plan ahead with some awesome ideas for local dating in Aurora, and you'll be set to start building memories together with that someone special, right from the first date.

You may have to buy even more orange and blue just to keep up with them.

Whether you’re staying in or going out of the town for dinner and a movie, your Auroran will show you just how versatile North Face clothes really are.

It’s also likely that they live with a half mile from a park, since 85% of Aurora residents do. Perhaps it’s the endorphins rushing through their bodies from all the outdoor adventures.

Before dating an Auroran you thought brunch was just some fancy word for breakfast that was strictly for the hipster crowd. Most likely it’s just the fact that they’re really into you and want the world to know. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Aurora in the comments below!


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