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Anyway - that's my guess - if anyone can help with specific knowledge or a January edition of the Village Voice, please get in touch. BOC played at Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, North Carolina - I was in high school and can't quite remember the date, but they only played songs from their first album, which was in fact released because I immediately went out to buy the cassette... So if their first album was released Jan 1972, and T&M wasn't released until Feb 1973, 1/72 - 2/73 is our window for the ACC show in Wilson NC...

Peter Dennis spoke to festival organiser Tobe Wright ahead of Bedlam’s about the origins of Bedlam and its return to town.“We had been putting on psychobilly gigs at The Racehorse pub in the mid to late 90s,” explains Wright.“Interest was in decline in the UK at this point and we wanted to try to keep it all going.“We eventually thought an all-dayer might generate more interest in the scene.”From a modest start, Bedlam Breakout has become the UK's premier psychobilly festival with Wright explaining the Roadmender was an ideal venue for the event.“The original Bedlam crew are all from Northampton,” he explains.“It's perfect really as we are central in the country, we have all major travel links for those coming to the festival and the venue is perfect.“The Roadmender is ideal, great guys run it, superb staff with a very good sound to top it off.

Its Perfect.”Boasting an impressive 24 bands over three days, Bedlam Breakout also aims to give Northampton an international flavour by attracting bands from across the globe.“We have two bands from Canada at this festival - The Raygun Cowboys and an old school psychobilly band called The Lab Ratz,” explains Wright.“The Cracks from Japan are a heavy duty punky band with all the crazy horror make up to boot.“The Milwaukee Wildmen are from Holland and put on a great high powered show and The Tumblin' Go Go's are also from Holland and play superb rockabilly with a kick.“We also have The Trillionairs from Germany, Shaky from Sweden, Sleepwalkerz from France and The Phantom Rockers, an old psychobilly band now based in the USA.”Aside from the bands, Bedlam Breakout also acts fans from all over the world to Northampton.“We’ve had people from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, all over Scandinavia, mainland Europe, USA, Brazil, Chile.

As it was, that was my first nite of Todd Rundgren, and I immediately became a huge Todd fan, now over 50 concerts... Both uk and confirm this date as an Alice gig, although the former doesn't mention any support act whilst the latter reckons Todd Rundgren and Free were on the bill. According to the poster above, it was Greenville SC with Free and Todd. According to my less than useless Rolling Stone advert, this was supposed to be a gig with Alice.

So I am sure no BOC that nite [and I have a newpaper ad from that show -- must scan and post that!! I was at the May 12, 1972 Alice Cooper concert at the Civic Colliseum in Knoxville, TN. Well, there's a used ticket stub showing the date, so at least we know Alice played this town on this date... See the above entry to see why I now reckon Alice was elsewhere on this date.

And that's how it stayed, until I saw Rick's great ticket stub collection on Facebook, which had a stub for Alice supported by Free and Todd Rundgren in Knoxville Tennessee.

I asked him for confirmation that BOC weren't on this show.I was thinking there might have been a mix-up with the Wilson College and Wilson NC mentions, so far as BOC's possible participation might have been concerned? I saw another entry for May 1972 on the site where there was confusion about Wilson, NC or Wilson College in Asheville NC on May 3 or May 9 1972, but I can tell you that the gig I saw was DEFINITELY in Wilson NC, so May 1972 meshes perfectly.I was in high school and this concert was my first ever. The two other things I remember from the show was 1) that the front man remarked: "Let's take our clothes off and have a party." 2) One of the songs (later identified as "Then Came the Last Days of May") had the most gorgeous ever long sweet guitar solo...If you examine the issues that they do have from late 1971, it's evident that The Rock Pile advertised every week with the full running list of who was on that week.I'm convinced that the answer of who was on the above-mentioned BOC bills lies within their pages, so if anyone has any access to these old issues (maybe next time you're in the micro-fiche dept of your library, if you live local), then please let me know.It was in the college's smallish gymnasium, and acoustics were awful. that I still remember and can hum because my friend recorded some of the show on his portable cassette player, and i played the tape over and over for weeks... It was a real letdown to find that the studio version from the album that I purchased shortly after wasn't nearly as interesting, and that just in general the album did not live up to the live experience.That show however still lives in my top 3 favorite concerts.Therefore, I've pencilled in a second night after this one.Of course it's possible Edgar Winter played the Rock Pile again a month or so later, but he was reasonably successful at this stage with a couple of album's under his belt, so I'm thinking that maybe this wouldn't be especially likely...This was always of interest to me because I had the following Rock Pile gigs already listed: Fri : The Rock Pile, Island Park LI NY Sat : The Rock Pile, Island Park LI NY Sat : The Rock Pile, Island Park LI NY Sun : The Rock Pile, Island Park LI NY Fri : The Rock Pile, Island Park LI NY Sat : The Rock Pile, Island Park LI NY I spent some time trying to find out was Edgar Winter on any of these shows, without much success.The annoying thing is that, while Google have done a great job creating an online digital archive that includes issues of "The Village Voice", the entire first few months of 1972 are missing (as are the entire run from 1968, which is sad from an SWU point of view).


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