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Fans and media alike were kept at a safe distance from the ceremony, the details of which were closely guarded. "As long as he keeps playing the way he's playing, it'll be fine," she said.Little information about the nuptials was leaked beforehand, though the police presence around the Christ Church at Grove Farm – where both Roethlisberger and Harlan are members – indicated this was no ordinary Saturday. Only a parade of luxury cars, trucks, shuttle buses and SUVs. (This version CORRECTS Corrects to Catherine in 13th paragraph.Fears of a fan frenzy led local resident Gina Schrauder to bolt for the city. Guests were required to show an invitation and a photo ID to get in.

Big Ben tweeted a picture of newborn Baylee Marie Roethlisberger who was born at a.m. The couple has a son, Benjamin Jr., who was born in November of 2012."I know he was supposed to send a limo for me too, but it broke down." Metz and friends Eugene and Carol Lovely were among a small group of Steeler fans who tried to show their support for Roethlisberger.The organization was well-represented too despite the NFL's ongoing labor dispute.PITTSBURGH (Associated Press) -- Ben Roethlisberger got the privacy he wanted for his wedding Saturday, with police providing tight security around the church in affluent Ohio Township where he and Ashley Harlan were married and tinted windows on expensive cars leaving much of the guest list a mystery.Still, the hope of a glimpse at the Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback, his new bride and the dozens of team luminaries who turned out for the ceremony was enough for Dolly Metz to sit in a car – complete with Steelers covers on the headrests – in a nearby parking lot with the windows down in 90 degree heat "This is the best part of my day," said Metz, who lives in Mc Kees Rocks.The couple first met long years ago at Alliance Church in New Castle, Harlan's hometown.They soon found their mutual interest in sports and began to date on and off since then.Interestingly, they did not live together before their marriage because they are both affectionate Christians.So out of respect to their belief, they lived separately. According to Roethlisberger’s website, mom and baby are doing great!RELATED LINKS: More Steelers News More Sports News Gregory Polanco led off the seventh inning with a double and scored the go-ahead run on an error, leading the Pittsburgh Pirates over the San Diego Padres 5-4 Thursday night for their eighth win in nine games.


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