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It's great for specialised topics relating to Ireland, that you'd be hard pressed getting information for on an equivalent forum on Reddit, for example.

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I got a permanent ban from Boards while trying to find information about dental care up north.

I was not advertising or anything just looking for information.

Reddit is 90% shitposting and any thread with actual debate ends up like an echo chamber with any unpopular views downvoted out of view There's regularly people on here who post shit about saying they were banned for something minnor or innocuous, and tend to leave out the bits where they were massively abusive to people, genuinely trolling or causing other problems....90% of the "I was banned because..." posts in here would be overturned in seconds if true and if they went to the admins and told them what had happened. Look at pretty much any old thread and note how the bulk of the users are either "banned" or have closed their accounts.

Then look at the banned users post history for evidence they deserved it. Many excellent longtime posters have disappeared for no apparent reason.

It's really not hard to be respectful and stay within the rules.

I will agree that After Hours and other similar forums are a mess, though mainly because it's full of idiots who think they're hilarious constantly trying to push the boundaries of what's acceptable, modding it must be a nightmare.

Stagnating, certainly, but with better alternatives around these days I don't think it'll ever be the focal point it once was.

I don't like reddit either for the exact same reasons though.

I have no doubt there've been people harshly banned there but there's a lot more to boards than AH and pretty much every other forum is a better experience I also had a boards account for 10 years until I introduced a family member (One would think this was a good thing) and was promptly banned for "sockpuppetry" and "trolling" (apparently because we share a PC)Common sense would suggest that a user of ten years standing is unlikely to start engaging in such behaviour out of the blue but the smug condescending pricks were adamant pubically branding both of us liars.

Funny thing is in all my time on reddit Ive had exactly zero interaction with the mods on any subreddit about any of my posts.


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