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Ewa completed an internship in physical computing at STEIM, Amsteram, where she was working on documentation of Black Box modular system.

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The support specialist will provide these services for clients including educational institutions asuch as colleges and boarding schools; allied organizations such as 1in6; and sexual assault service providers and rape crisis centers.

They willalso provide specialized services for government agencies such as Peace Corps.

L’écoute, aussi immersive que psycho-active, est une invitation, une porte magique qui ouvrent sur l'infinité des mondes."Un son sorti de la petite tête de chat, étrange, beau, émotionnel, extrêmement fragile et puissant, totalement improvisé et richement atmosphérique, tout en échappant à la vague drone.

Completely original and inventive pieces of music." - Wax Music -- Howling Owl / bulb - Bristolfeaturing Henry Collins, Robin Foster, Cementimental & Uiutna Chahut : bedlam, ruckus, uproar, commotion ; heckling, disturbance ; racket, din ; disruption for soul sound harsh delectation, and Accident and Emergency Optoelectronic Power produced by hand-made electronics, hacked cathode ray tube and erratic phosphor.


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