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The engine was discontinued due to overheating issues in the early 1960s, and Briggs quit selling parts (including short blocks) for it. Fortunately, these engines were available on many brands of equipment from the 1950s, so you can find them occasionally.Pictured is a T70bes that was purchased new in 1961.Other than the aluminum into iron and some other improvements, the T65 and T70 were virtually identical.

They had an engine plate extension on the left hand side of the frame rail for the Model 51PT power take-off gearbox, which is different than the 50PT that will fit on the T50 and T55.

According to the sales bulletins, T60s were produced in 19.

It was introduced as a 1960 model at the National Hardware Show September 28 through October 2, 1959 at the New York Coliseum.

It had a 5 3/4 hp Briggs engine model number 143302.

The T60 Copar Panzer was an evolution of the T55 in that it had a "more powerful and practical 5 3/4 hp" Briggs engine.

These tractors were also red / black / white / yellow in color.

The red/yellow/black/white colors shown are correct for the T50, T55 and T60 tractors.

You may find some models of T65 and T70 with a 'b' or 'bes' after them.

The engines were identical except the 6hp has the 'Easy Spin' feature on the cam shaft and a slightly shaved head for higher compression.

There is also an 'Easy Spin' sticker on the engine. When Copar was purchased by Virginia Metalcrafters in 1960, it appears they transitioned the T65 model into the T70 by changing parts that were cast aluminum into cast iron.


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