Bruce willis dating lindsay lohan

But I don't see any of it as being particularly bad.It's all been a growing process."Her newly blonde hair is for Prairie Home Companion.

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So now I work out and I eat healthier and I take care of myself.

But still people keep warning me, 'Don't get too thin.'"I was never on a crash diet because that's not what I do.

"The nice thing about this film is that it tells younger girls and boys not to give up.

Because there's a point where everyone can give up - and there have been points where I've wanted to give up. I was trying to 'yes' everyone else instead of 'yessing' the things that I needed.

A source said: "They are just getting to know one another...

(Demi is) in a really good place at the moment and is hopeful about the future." Demi's new romance comes just weeks after she split from her toyboy lover Vito Schnabel.

But I'm happy to have lost weight, and I'm working at keeping it off. So now I can fit into more clothes and things look better.

I lost about 20 pounds, although, compared with a lot of actresses my age, I'm actually overweight."She may be the Incredible Shrinking Lindsay Lohan, yet apparently there's still enough of her to go round if you believe the gossip linking her romantically with virtually every eligible Hollywood star including Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Christian Slater, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto."No, there's nobody," she sighs. It's easier for me to focus…Besides, I have time."Last year she split up with her first love Wilmer Valderrama, 25, star of That 70s Show.

If Lindsay Lohan is at all self-conscious about criticism of her recent weight loss, then she's not showing it.

The Mean Girls star's newly blonde hair cascades about her bony shoulders, her skinny arms poke defiantly from a lurid purple chiffon dress.


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