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Multi-Level Marketing, also known as MLM, is a scam. Before I get started, I know this post is likely to ruffle a few feathers.

Unlike legitimate sales models, they rarely rely on selling quality products at a good price to customers.

They rely on selling people on the scheme fees so they can do so to others…the endless chain continues until people wake up to what is really going on. One of the most common tactics is for an MLM to work to gain authority for their product by getting “credentials” to put beside their name.

This includes paying money to the BBB to get accredited and move up their ratings.

Yes, you can pay for ratings within the BBB (even if you are a totally illegitimate company).

It is a stupid feeling when you realize that you have been ripped off and in no way would I call anyone stupid or look at anyone that way if they were part of an MLM.

It is all part of the journey to success and sometimes we need to find out what doesn’t work before we can find out what works.You are assigned names like “sponsor”, “distributor”, “presidential level” (and many others) which serve as nothing more than a facade as to what you actually are when you are involved in MLM. That is why the CEO of the companies tend to make 10’s of millions and the average person within the program will never be able to support the actual fees of getting involved in it.And if you are like most, when you end up hanging up your MLM boots, you are left with drawers and boxes of “extra” product that you never used. Affiliate Marketing gives you the freedom to promote whatever products/services that you want, within any niche, in fact, it can quite often be the segway for you creating and selling you own products/services. You by no means have the best interest of your audience in mind because you are always required to sell the same, overpriced, and often times unproven product to people.By the way, Monavie has since gone out of business and was deemed a scam. One of the biggest fallacies with an MLM program is that you are actually building a business.Unlike Affiliate Marketing, where you are creating a website, a brand and a following (which is a business), in MLM you are undergoing a constant “hustle” cycle that requires you to always suck in that next person to your downline, shamelessly promoting the products and services to your family and friends, or even worse, have to buy the product yourself in order to remain part of the MLM…which can get very expensive. A pyramid will always stand high and the top block will always be supported if there is always MORE blocks underneath the upper level.Same goes for the Stevie awards which are a completely unethical system for “awarding status” to many unethical companies.There are many companies that have been taken out by the FTC for scamming that have also received awards of this nature. The most common and sometimes the only way people make money in MLM programs is from recruiting others into the scheme.I think that they committed to a program they didn’t necessarily believe in just because they felt bad for me.You get real tired real quick of shameless promoting products/services and the scheme itself to others you know. And the unfortunate but natural consequence of promoting MLM and “amazing” opportunity after opportunity is that it gives them a perception of you that you probably don’t like. Seriously though, thinking logically how could anyone ever bring themselves to spend on a bottle of Acai juice (Monavie).You are that pimp standing on the corner of the street.You are that energy juice salesperson that solicits your “scheme” to people.


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