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The initial redirect and further responses will appear as additional samples.

The initial redirect and further responses will appear as additional samples.The URL and data fields of the parent sample will be taken from the final (non-redirected) sample, but the parent byte count and elapsed time include all samples. Note that the Http Client sampler may log the following message: , the options to encode the parameter, and an option to include or exclude an equals sign (some applications don't expect an equals sign when the value is the empty string).Below are the images for this web application, I have deployed it on my localhost tomcat server.

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in java program to send GET and POST requests and then print the response.

For our Http URLConnection example, I am using sample project from Spring MVC Tutorial because it has URLs for GET and POST HTTP methods.

[Only for HTTP Request with HTTPClient implementation] This property is used to enable IP Spoofing.

It overrides the default local IP address for this sample.

If your values contain characters such as the following then encoding is usually required.: request and there is a single file whose 'Parameter name' attribute (below) is omitted, then the file is sent as the entire body of the request, i.e. Instead, the 32 character MD5 hash of the data is calculated and stored instead.

This is intended for testing large amounts of data.

Additionally, you can specify whether each parameter should be URL encoded.

If you are not sure what this means, it is probably best to select it. This functionality is present for If this is selected, then the response is not stored in the sample result.

This generally occurs before the test plan starts, so it's not possible to change the settings by using the Samplers perform the actual work of JMeter.

Each sampler (except Test Action) generates one or more sample results.


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