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In 1995, Electra started appearing in various television programs.

Then, in May 1996 she was featured in a nude pictorial in Playboy magazine, the first of several.

In 2005, Electra began the Naked Women's Wrestling League, acting as the commissioner for the professional wrestling promotion.

She took an active role in the shows produced by the League, including becoming involved with mud wrestling and being placed into magic tricks by April Hunter.

"Perhaps the former flames were just having a little fun with fans. "It means that Carmen and I love each other, we are and always will be best friends.

After all, Electra was recently linked to clothing line owner Tal Cooperman. "He's gorgeous and a lot of fun."When the spouses called it quits eight years ago, the Jane's Addiction guitarist vowed they would remain friends. In fact, we are supporting each other through this time.

Electra became so popular among readers of Playboy that she was featured in the magazine four more times, with her second appearance in June 1998, third in December 2000, fourth in April 2003 and her fifth in the January 2009 anniversary issue.

She subsequently graced the cover three times, in December 2000, April 2003 and on the 55th Anniversary Issue in January 2009.

The most notable incident involved Electra being sawn in half in the Thin Model Sawing, and it was implied that Electra was nude inside the box.

She did not actually appear nude or topless, in contrast to April Hunter who was nude through out.


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