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The only way to be a failure is to live out of a victim mindset.Consider reading good books like Healing the Heartbreak of Divorce, Divorced. I would be happy to offer any encouragement or support that I can. You may have regrets about your marriage, but you do not want to have regrets about how you chose to respond and heal from your divorce. You don’t need to walk this path alone, and you are certainly not the only one facing this pain. With hard work, counseling, and prayer, it is possible to walk forward into the future with hope and renewed strength.Facing your own pain, issues, and brokenness now will not only change you but be a game changer for future relationships.I discovered my husband was a sex addict and unable to be honest. But giving up was not an option, and we wanted to do whatever it took to lay a new, healthy foundation.We plunged into recovery: individual and couples counseling, weekly therapy groups, a weekly couple’s recovery group, and intensives. We tried every single possible avenue to heal and try to save the marriage.I found the annulment process to be healing, very freeing, and critical as I moved forward with my life in peace and wholeness.Seven months after I got married, the walls caved in around me.Annulments are not the Catholic version of divorce.It means for a variety of reasons, it was never a sacrament to begin with even though it appeared to be.


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