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She just had to remember not to pick her teeth on the date. Storming out of her date after just four minutes, she had to explain her actions.Summoned for crisis talks, Gemma remained defiant against Eden and Nadia.

He promised to show her Mike the gent, but his old habits were dying hard.

Trainee airline pilot Matt could be more up her street.

Adele reportedly used e Harmony when she was broken up with before, but since she was already famous it proved a difficult experience.

She elected not to use photos of herself, which anyone who uses online dating knows it's hard to really fall for someone without pictures.

Apparently Lily Allen signed up to use Tinder even though she's married with kids!

There's no commitment in the app, of course, so perhaps she just spends all day judging people who wish they could date someone as famous as her.Our articles are guaranteed to entertain you and your friends, no matter your interests.He was then faced with the impossible task of phoning Abbie to let her know that they wouldn't be having a second date. London Hughes reflected on her lame duck of a date, hoping that the agency could give her a better match this time.Halle Berry has followed the trend of using anonymity online to try to act "normal" again and meet people the old-fashioned way.Before getting married, she would frequent online chat rooms, some of which were specifically for dating.The fourth series again stars Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex as the dating experts and Tom Read Wilson as the show's receptionist.The fourth series will be the second series to feature same-sex relationships.Joan Rivers boldly made a profile under her own name.She brought her unique personality with her, but made sure to point out that she would prefer a well dressed George Clooney over a stripped down Brad Pitt anyday.Weezer's frontman, Rivers Cuomo, signed up for a dating site whose name was not revealed, but according to Cuomo they responded to his profile with the message, "We're sorry, but there is no one anywhere in the world that is appropriate for you."If you're a Jewish single you might be familiar with JDate, the website which Luke Greenfield signed up for.The director of "The Girl Next Door" has a personable profile on the site that makes him sounds really sweet!


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