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The next day, Derek wakes up and is happily reunited with his family.John asks Derek what he saw and Derek tells them that he saw the demons turning human into one of them.John says that they can't have Halloween and Cole asks if it's because the demons.

Originally a group, many fights caused them to split through, and finding more humans who are living in the destruction, in the end, recruiting them for their cause.

Demon Deviants premiered with a pilot (October 31); it was positively received by critics; subsequent episodes has been critically acclaimed as well.

When they learn they are to be killed even if the ransom is paid, their wilderness survival training is their only hope of outwitting the mercenaries and staying alive.

That, however, appears to be the extent of the Hiller family for this alien invasion epic.

John thanks Cliff and Colonel Wright tells them they have to move out and they leave.

Colonel Wright asks John how many men did they lose and John says that they lost 20 men.It seems that, after a well-deserved promotion to Colonel, the man who essentially saved Earth met his end years later in a sadly anti-climactic way, test-piloting an experimental aircraft.Steven’s young son Dylan, originally played by Ross Bagley in the first film is set to fulfill his father’s legacy as an adult.Four episodes into the second season, HBO announced that the show would return for a third season of 10 episodes, which began airing on June 5, 2011. October 31 It starts off with Cole (Dakota Goyo) talking about how he felt about the demon apocalypse to Dr. He tells her that he is scared that he will lose his father and brothers and hopes that they come back with Derek (Thomas Dekker).It then skips to John (Ethan Hawke) and Cliff (Steven Strait) running from the demons.The first season of the series is composed of 10 Episodes.Originally considered a cult show, Demon Deviants went to become a pop-culture phenomenon, mainly because of the acting, plot and dealing with themes such as hope, spirituality, science and survival.Click the link below to watch the new trailer, like, NOW!debut trailer seemed to showcase a nostalgia-filled trip promising an immensely upgraded return to the world of the 1996 blockbuster original film.Both main cast and secondary cast had received acclaim for their performances, with actors like Ethan Hawke, Olivia Wilde, Thomas Jane and Christian Serratos received multiple nominations and awards.The the show is received as "full of character development and eye-popping special effects and action scenes", gaining a total of ten Emmy Awards in it's run.


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