Competitive analysis online dating

There should probably be a spot on your birth certificate for your Ok Cupid profile handle, because if you were born after 1973, was single at some point after the invention of the Internet, and live in a city, you probably have been/are currently on Ok Cupid.

If you like each other, the message channel opens up and Hinge provides with a neat little personalized intro to one another — just like if you were really being introduced by your friends.

It gets awkward when: That mutual friend of yours happens to be the asshole you dated last month. Except, how uncomfortable do you feel knowing that dude you dated last month is getting matched with your friends too?

It gets awkward when: You’ve been on Ok Cupid so long, people start saying things like, “Heyyyyyy, I remember you.” I’m actually invisible, goddammit.

The takeaway: The general consensus is that if you want a serious dating site, pay for it, otherwise, be resigned for people propositioning you on the reg.


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