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In fact, rarely does a person with PTSD experience all the symptoms listed above.

To receive a diagnosis of PTSD, you only need a certain number of symptoms from each cluster.

Faced with a reminder of a traumatic event, someone with PTSD can be jerked back into the mental, emotional and even physical experience of trauma.

You don’t remember where you are — are you here, now, or back in another, scarier time? And for many people living with PTSD, it’s a common experience.

Additional requirements for the diagnosis also need to be assessed, such as how you initially responded to the traumatic event, how long you've been experiencing your symptoms, and the extent to which those symptoms interfere with your life.

The symptoms of PTSD can be difficult to cope with, and as a result, many people with PTSD develop unhealthy coping strategies, such as alcohol or drug abuse or deliberate self-harm.The road won’t necessarily be easy, but Complex PTSD can be treated, and you can lead a normal, healthy, and happy life defined by what you want to make of it — not by past trauma.Through years of research, a number of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been identified.Therapists suggest walking barefoot and feeling the ground beneath your toes as one strategy to keep yourself in the here and now.Other grounding techniques can include paying attention to the sounds, sights, smells and textures in the present, or going somewhere safe and cozy and paying attention to those comforting feelings.Your therapist may also use specific trauma-focused therapeutic techniques, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR).With so much trauma in this world, PTSD and Complex PTSD are unfortunately common.But what happens when that trauma is ongoing, or a prolonged series of events?This is where a Complex PTSD diagnosis bridges an important behavioral health gap.Understanding our body's natural response to threat and danger, known as the fight or flight response, can help us better understand the symptoms of PTSD.To be diagnosed with PTSD, you don't need to have all these symptoms.


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