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Stu Weinshanker was boarding a Southwest Airlines flight in Las Vegas when he found something occupying his wife’s seat.Well, not technically her seat because Southwest famously doesn’t assign seats.You’ve just matched with that hot girl or guy on Tinder and want to gain their attention.

And if you get that far, you’re more than likely to get a date with whomever you’ve swiped right on.

Passengers are assigned a boarding group and sit in any open seat when it's their turn to board.

The open-seating system spawns seat-saving, in which people who board first save seats for spouses, kids, friends and co-workers farther back in line, leaving fewer choices for other passengers.

Pick another seat and move on, is a frequent refrain.

One traveler not bothered by seat saving posted on Flyer Talk: "Fly another airline if this stuff bothers you.''Officially, Southwest stays mum on the topic.


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