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And while she couldn’t live without a dog, I soon learned she couldn’t balance a checkbook. And eventually I found out that her credit score wasn’t nearly as beautiful as she was. On that first date, had I asked for her credit score, had I made that a top consideration, I would have ended up walking away without ever hearing her laugh.

Your credit history and credit score tend to predict your future creditworthiness or rather, the likelihood that you will repay a loan and make your payments on time.

Although several different scoring systems exist to determine whether you have good credit, FICO and Vantage Scores are the two popular models.

Most people have a range of credit scores that are similar, not all identical scores. Depending on what you are trying to purchase, a lender can rely on any of several versions of the FICO score, including FICO, FICO 8, FICO 9, FICO Auto and FICO Bankcard scores.

All three credit bureaus generate all of those types of FICO scores.


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