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It serves about 10 million clients, primarily in upstate New York but with clients across the United States, Kane said.

Members of other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans who sought treatment at one of Excellus' service area may also have been hit, he said.

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Conformément aux dispositions de la loi du 6 janvier 1978 relative aux fichiers, à l'informatique et aux libertés, vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de rectification et d'opposition aux données personnelles vous concernant.

As young people become more computer and Internet savvy, instances of cyber bullying have increased.

Cyber bullying can have devastating effects on young people, including clinical depression and suicide. With each curriculum, a CD-ROM includes additional resources: Cyber Bullying: A Prevention Curriculum for Grades 3-5 This curriculum raises awareness of what cyber bullying is and why it is so harmful, equips students with the skills to treat people respectfully when using cyber technologies, gives students information about how to get help if they or others are being cyber bullied, and helps parents know what to do to keep their children safe from cyber bullying.

When organizations see over 200,000 security events every day and don’t have the skills to stay ahead, where do you turn? This new platform embeds Watson for Cyber Security’s unique ability to understand, reason and learn about security topics and threats.

By tapping into and making sense of structured and unstructured security knowledge that has previously been elusive to an organization’s SOC (including imprecise human language contained in blogs, articles, reports), it augments a security analyst’s ability to fill gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy.

What’s possible now is the ability to quickly interpret this data — created by humans for humans — and integrate it with structured data from countless sources and locations.

Cognitive security uses intelligent technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain functions.


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