Dating a boss

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But, the toughest decision to make is when you are planning to hit on your boss. Especially, when you are in the same place and report directly as a subordinate to your boss.

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The watercooler flirtation, the hook-up, the office gossip, the competition, resentment and jealousy, the break-up, the messy fights in front of coworkers, the scene where one half of the couple clears their desk. And you might end up quitting work."Office romance is as old as the office itself," says Dr Robyn Johns, a senior lecturer in Human Resources Management at University of Technology Sydney."The big change we're seeing is we're closer to gender parity in the workplace.""People are spending so many hours at work.Meanwhile, Angela hasn't had a date in quite some time.She finds that men are intimidated by a woman with power and success.When, at her office, a man starts flirting with her, she lets him believe she's Rosie, the secretary. She's reportedly moved in with Joyce and the baby is due in April this year.So you're hellbent on pursuing this office romance.Here's some advice: Don't flirt at work: "Meeting for coffee or lunch is normal and hard to resist," Shahn says, "but in terms of other flirtations or other times spent during work hours, it's not the greatest form."People at work think about it and speak about your relationship."Don't gossip about your partner at work:"It really starts to shift things if you're giving personal insights into the relationship with your partner to one of their colleagues."Have a support network outside of work:"Normally in a relationship when things go sour in a relationship you may want to talk about it at work, but you can't get that distance if you're dating a colleague."Do your seducing out of the office: Not sure if a coworker is attracted to your or just, you know, hanging out because that's their job?What do you do when you're getting the *eyes* at work from none other than your boss.You know, the look from a person that says, "Why aren't you dating me already?" Do you make a move and risk your job as well as theirs?Or do you keep quiet and risk losing the love of your life?


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