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Since World War II, the phenomenon of intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews people has widely expended in the world, especially in the United States and the former Soviet countries, the racial relations have changed substantially as a result of several developments, as well as the growing awareness towards discrimination and the issue of civil rights, for example, “The African American National Association” for rights and annulment of school and public segregation in movies, TV shows, etc.These associations had begun to examine society values and the acceptance of the other and the issue of intermarriage.

It is a social phenomenon in which couples from different groups decide to raise a family outside the norms of their society (Collet, 2012) .

These marriages place the couple out of their ethnic group, facing varied multicultural difficulties even within the extended family.

In France, the rate of intermarriage is extremely high due to the high rate of immigrants in the country and the support and belief of the French society in pluralism and equality, yet, the society does not always accept immigrants, even though they are married to French citizens, as full-fledged citizens.

Therefore, only one of the spouses holds a citizenship and full civil rights, while the other spouse suffers restrictions in aspects such as accommodation, banking, political involvement, etc. Despite the sense of rejection, most of the second generation in intermarriage perceive themselves as French and more, namely, ethnically belong to their parents’ country of origin.

This is one of the reasons why the children in these mixed families tend to embrace the lifestyle and religion of the mother, it also explains the great dependency on the wife and her family.

For most of the interviewees, the relation to the Druze culture and roots are poor, and the Druze identity is almost nonexistent.In many cases, intermarriage relationships suffer from interpersonal and psychological difficulties, the notion of “clash of cultures” often creates social barriers for integration, moreover, some people claim that it create weak genetic profile and cultural confusion, for growing between two worlds leads to identity confusion.Others, on the contrary, believe that intermarriage creates a stronger and healthier genetics, in which, people are more attractive (Edwards, Ali, Caballero, & Song, 2010) .Western Galilee College, Akko, Israel Copyright © 2018 by author and Scientific Research Publishing Inc.This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY 4.0). ABSTRACTThis article examines the effect of young Druze men’s intermarriage (interracial marriage in Israel) on their nuclear family and their extended family in the aspects of culture, society and religion, as well as the internal dynamics between the mixed couples, in an attempt to shed light on the social complexity of the Druze men who had chosen intermarrying and therefore are alienated from their restricted society, a society which is a national ethnic minority that is guided by restricted codes of religions in order to preserve its community from assimilation.Moreover, intermarriage was common in the former Soviet countries, especially among Jewish men to Christian women.These families had a secular liberal life style that had created a change in the 90ies following the mass immigrating to Israel, especially towards Judaism.The objects had to answer controversial issues evoking in their marriage, the relationship with the nuclear family of both spouses, power and gender roles, the raising of children, etc.The findings indicate alienating of the Druze men who were married women of a different religion, that is to say, a complete alienation of the men and their children.The gender roles has also changed in those mixed families, the Druze men feel inferior in relation to their wives, particularly in cases their wife is Jewish, thus, the Druze men are forced to live in their wife’s surroundings, to adjust the different cultural, social and religious norms, and to maintain different codes of household regarding the tasks and raising of the children, which differ by far from the Druze society norms.Keywords: Intermarriage, Druze, Family Alienation, Cultural Transition, Lack of Identity1.


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