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A spokesman for the newspaper said: 'The answers to 12 across and 14 across in the cryptic crossword in question are simply positioned next to each other and are entirely unrelated.'The row comes just days after London mayor Sadiq Khan was also attacked by Scottish nationalists after he implied in a speech that there was 'no difference' between nationalism and racism.

Nicola Sturgeon said the Labour politician's comments were 'spectacularly ill-judged', tweeting: 'It is an insult to all those Scots who support independence for reasons of inclusion & social justice.'Mr Khan insisted he was not calling the SNP racists or bigots.

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The Guardian has come under ferocious attack from Scottish nationalists over two cryptic crossword clues they claim imply Nicola Sturgeon is racist.

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We would recommend you to bookmark our site and use it whenever you are stuck.Marc and his peers believe it would take the normal crossword fan at least two years - and possibly even longer - to complete it.Marc writes an average of 13,500 clues per year and has constructed more than 30,000 puzzles since 1991.Here are the clues if you want to test your brain and see if you can solve this mega crossword challenge: Across 1 Leave after finding nothing in big rambling empty space (4,6) 6 Tolerate swimming in sea that tastes of tarragon (9) 13 Exterminator has drink within Denmark's borders (5) 14 Round a great deal, turning out hit that's within hearing (7) 15 Some heat to cook rice, getting address in Spain back (7) 16 People fail to perform with that woman's leaderless energy (8) 17 Tiny bit hard, production being broadcast (6) 18 American uncle has left grand in Wimbledon (4) 21 Endless call to finish measurement system in the tube (6) 23 Tune has audible pause and it slows down (3,5) 25 Virtuoso pianist makes record, capturing mezzo's heart (5) 27 Car blockade has husband running from Bonn to Berlin (8) 29 Head of casting is apparent during whole film (4) 31 Force redhead to leave ales out for sugar supplier... Downing drink and leading early adopter of ad dating method crossword you out door when youre still stuck on what called his mother.Its hardest clue is said to be '4 down' - Dishonest, short of getting further at King's Head - because it "relies on an uncommon usage of an obscure word".Unlike straight crosswords, which can be solved with the help of a thesaurus or internet program, cryptic puzzles like this one can only be completed with experience and an ability to think laterally.He says the puzzle is 100 times harder than any he has made in 30 years making them for titles including the Daily Mirror, Daily Express and Sunday Telegraph.It includes 64 "fiendishly tough" clues that are virtually impossible for a layman to crack - regardless of their command of the English language.Let's be clear about this - the Guardian is pure British establishment. 'Others branded those attacking the paper 'paranoid' and insisted the idea was a 'conspiracy theory'.They are an attack dog for UK.'Jacquie Johnstone‏ added: '@guardian your crossword today is in my view accusing our elected first minister of being a racist. Blatant lack of respect, yes.'One Twitter user told the paper she had cancelled her subscription and another asked: 'Why did you imply in your crossword that Nicola Sturgeon was racist? The crossword clues, which the Guardian insist are 'entirely unrelated', were set by the veteran crossword compiler Picaroon, who has also created puzzles for the Spectator under the name Lavatch.


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