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(Photo credit should read JOEL ROBINE/AFP/Getty Images)HONG KONG, HONG KONG: Britain's Princess Diana stands with tennis players Michael Chang of the US (L) and Sweden's Jonas Bjorkman during the awards ceremony at the Hong Kong Open 23 April.

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Oliver and Charles became close in 1992 after the death of her father.Paul's Cathedral in 1981 -- but that magic was short lived.After the birth of their two sons, William and Harry, they reportedly were involved in affairs of their own and split in 1993. (Getty) Adams wrote a single about the late royal in 1985 (before he had even met her) in which he calls her the "queen of all my dreams." Over a decade later in 1996, Bryan and Diana were involved in a scandalous affair.(Getty) Princess Diana herself had confessed to having an affair with James Hewitt, her former horseback riding instructor whom she met back in 1986.Hewitt recently denied that he's Prince Harry's father, a rumor that has been following him for years.Sources claimed the princess was "obsessed" with him, and part of his appeal stemmed from the fact that he was her husband's friend.Details of their sexual relationship are unclear, but a source close to Diana once revealed that he found Hoare "semi-naked behind a potted bay tree in a Kensington Palace corridor, smoking a cigar." (Getty) Diana's alleged relationship with bodyguard Barry Mannakee was one of her earliest marital affairs.Mannakee, who was also married at the time, worked at Kensington Palace for about a year, until he was spied "comforting" a depressed Diana. He died in a motorcycle crash in 1987, and his death has been the subject of many conspiracy theories.(Getty) James Gilbey, a car salesman at the time of his alleged affair with Diana, was caught on tape having intimate phone conversations with the princess.They kept their two-year relationship under wraps because he was scared about all the attention it would receive in the media.However, the pressures of dating a royal proved to be too much for the Pakistani heart surgeon as he broke things off during a meeting at a park.


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