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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.Not that they're all gay, of course, but anything that's put out about them needs to be seen in that light. NOT saying he has not been with men, I just do know plenty of affairs he has had with women.

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It might be unnoticeable to other people but it's recognizable if you've been there. Even some of his biggest fans can see it is not real. Y'all at your firm are having "a good chuckle" about him - is he your client then? Anyone who says that Matt Bomer is straight cannot be take seriously. Why can it be that a guy can prefer a hetero lifestyle but likes to suck an occasional cock? There have been a few rumors about him and his gayness was mentioned in one book like two years ago.Chace Crawford, sorry not gay Zach Efron, don't know. I am also sure that if the ridiculously talented Sam Rockwell was an A-Lister he would have been thought of as gay.41 yrs old, never been married, very rarely seen with women though he is said to be dating Leslie Bibb of Iron Man 2, sworn off ever getting married or ever having kids.This is what they do for a living - it's a profession! Another trick in the book is the "NOT GAY" which means fucks women also; the members of that club being Hugh Jackman, and Chace Crawford crowd. This list is even longer than the exclusively gay list. )Laurence Fishburne (is he even in tne closet anymore)Mathew Broderick Kalan Porter Robert Downey Jr.Celebs are professionals at being "stars," and their public personas are created and maintained by people who are professionals at that. Ne Yo Taylor Hicks Mike Meyers Tevin Campbell Nick Carter (Bisexual)Dominic Monaghan is supposedly bisexual Kenny Chesny Pharrell - lots os speculation he is on the Lowtoo many reports that Matthew Broderick was having affairs with Broadway actresses (facts, no the women in question), to assume he is simply "gay"...he's bisexual if anything other than straight.While all would be exceptionally pretty gay men, only about half are even remotely agreed upon to be gay.I might think Zac Efron, Chace Crawford and Joe Jonas are cute little twinks, but the fact that I want to fuck them doesn't make them "definitively" gay, nor have I ever heard real details other than the wishful speculation of DLers.Jake can always play the straight gay friendly friend. Just a thought, but Jake def comes off as straight on that video, so like I said it could be a smart pr stunt.R106 you don't have to give us anything, you little conceited fangurl. Quite a few people heard her (and no one was shocked).Zac Efron is going to replace Tom Cruise as Hollywood's most parodied actor, for being in the closet.Waiting for the South Park, "Zac Efron in the closet" episode now..... In real life, the guys I'm attracted to turn out to be straight. Kenny Chesney Josh Bell Jeremy Denk John Gallagher Jr. If you were at a "PR firm" -- because that makes you omniscient -- in some way that gave you any insight at all, you'd know that Bomer is gay.


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