Dating furniture handles

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A term that describes a low, compact chest of drawers made during the first half of the 18th C. Also bachelors table which has compartments for dressing and shaving equipment as well as surfaces for palaying cards or writing.

The wooden backing to an item of case furniture or a mirror.

Mainly farmhouse furniture and a type of settle made up of a long bench with a panelled cupboard doubling as a backrest and sometimes drawers set beneath. An organistation of antique shops and individual dealers formed to try to maintain standards within the antiques trade. British architect of international repute who also designed furniture with colourful inlay work and metalwork in the style of the arts and crafts movement.

A scottish clock maker and scientist who patented the first electric clock in 1840.

The leg or foot simply finishes in a sperical ball.

A form of bracket clock, usually wooden cased with the case in the form of a tall slender upright topped by a round or oval clock housing.Erratic prior to the invention of the balance sping in 1675 which uses a spiral hairspring to make the movement of the balance wheel more regular and significant a development for portable clocks and watches as the pendulum was for standing clocks.Especially noted for its millefiori paperweights and sulphides which are very collectable today …Baccarat Glass A Birmingham base glassworks founded in the early 19th C. Exhibited at the great exhibition of 1851 and specialised in cut, engraved and coloured glass tableware and paperweights.sometimes engraved with decorative motifs or the makers name.Early 19th C introduction of a chair backing, usually of woven cane, that protected its user from the heat of a fire.Not as accurate as a pendulum, as the spring balance is susceptible to hot and cold, until various forms of compensation balance were developed in the 18th C.A sword belt, usually of leather that is worn over one shoulder and diagonally across the chest to hold the sword at the wearers waist or hip.18th C and early 19th C furniture had wooden back boards but late 19th C furniture usually has plywood backing.The hindmost member of the pair of metal plates that hold the mechanism of a clock in place.


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