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Sources in law enforcement have called the crimes Lebovits has been charged with “the tip of the iceberg.” One alleged victim said Lebovits fondled him in a mikvah or ritual bath while the victim was a teen, but made the claim after being arrested himself for allegedly fondling a 12-year-old in a mikvah, according to the Daily News.Despite these allegations, Lebovits, a cantor (traditional Jewish singer) and a local teacher, still has some supporters in the community.This blog is dedicated to all those who suffered abuse at the hands of shameless Rabbis and religious institutions.

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As these discussions take place, a survivor can reexperience thoughts about the sexual abuse that they resolved.

This is normal part of what happens when telling the family what happened.

You must give the correct addresses and phone numbers. She said of the 14, five were assaulted and nine were physically injured.

Why are you concealing the children who need the psycho-social support to help them get over the hurt that they have felt, why? She said during last year, there were 8,275 victims of major crimes.

As a general rule, your privacy and boundaries are important here.

Each time your family asks questions about the abuse, be prepared for different reactions, be thoughtful of your family’s emotions now, because these emotions will affect you too.Please be prepared that not all family members will believe what you have to say about the perpertrator, you may feel angry with family for this, even sad, but it is important that you know the truth, and again ” the truth shall set you free”, and its not about changing anyone else but changing and healing yourself..As you heal you will become better at setting boundaries, and developing healthy relationships, promoting safety and trust in your life.Then after the family member has time to absorb the information they will want to talk more about the perpertrator.Family members will express different emotions,and ask all sorts of questions.“When the summons are to be served for them to come to court, they cannot be found.Mother’s don’t know, guardians don’t know, community members don’t know, and after the date of the case, the child reappears,” she said.“I am calling on you today to be responsible citizens - that is being very irresponsible.You are protecting abusers, you are helping no one.” SIMILAR APPEAL Public Defender, Howard Hamilton, also made a similar appeal.Justice Di Mango gave Lebovits the maximum sentence for each of eight counts of abusing a 16-year-old Borough Park resident, whom Lebovits lured on several occasions in 20 to his silver Toyota for “driving lessons” before performing oral sex on the victim, who was a friend of Lebovits’ son.Now Lebovits has at least one more active sexual abuse case and could face even more indictments, as several alleged victims came forward after Lebovits was sentenced.


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