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They've got either the decision of your masterminded marriage or discovering an accomplice on their particular drive.But in most Muslim countries, the men don’t shave their beards off.Now here’s one aspect of Muslim culture which you would probably never see unless you happen to be Muslim also. Even left-handed Muslims eat with their right hand.Many things that Muslims practice today, are simply local customs taken as Islamic culture.Now I’m not saying that these local customs and traditions are haraam, or forbidden, in Islam.For instance, have you noticed how Muslim women tend to wear similar clothing?Even though the hijab is mandated by the Quran, it’s surprising to see that so many Muslim women voluntarily choose to cover their hair.100 free muslim dating sites A Muslim women or maybe a Muslim man may think it elusive a potential accomplice inside their everyday routine.As holding firm to religious convictions and conduct keeps communication involving the genders into a base.As for the left hand – that’s generally relegated to bathroom use. Many aspects of our culture is derived from the Quran.Some things that Muslims do almost subconsciously are actually mandated, or encouraged, or allowed by Allah in His holy book the Quran.


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