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Is it the loudest, best sounding mandolin you will come across? and if you are chording, the “V” profile rests nicely in the recess of your thumb. Having played a good deal of high end mandolins, I can say that this is real close.

The larger frets allow for clean fretting and I prefer this to the smaller frets of the past version (and many other mandolins). The downside of the larger fret wire is the room between the frets if played high on the fingerboard. Again, not 100% with the very best mandolins I have played, but the action is nice and I was able to lower it further after getting used to the mandolin and tweaking it to my liking. It takes me a few days to adapt to a particular instrument and get a feel of the best attack.

Going in with the KM-150, means you are never outgunned.

Form your chop chord, lay into it, and others will take notice.

So, for the KM-150 to sound “very good” at such a low price, is OUTSTANDING.

So yeah, it has outstanding tone for mandolin of this level.This comes in the form of countless Kentucky KM-150 mandolin reviews and recommendations dating back to the beginning of the internet. The Kentucky KM-150 has been through several versions throughout the years. If you happen to be looking for a used version, it is important to note that there was a major change in mid 2012, and then small steady improvements since.Ha, that sounds like a long time, but yeah, the internet is not all that old. This is one of the best mandolins at the price point. They have also had an “S” added in the past, so a KM-150 vs. So if you want the nicer versions of these, you really want one made in the last few years. KM-150 mandolins in the past were made with pressed solid woods.This doesn’t become noticeable until you get up past the 15th fret. The more time I spend, the more I feel what the instrument wants to get the best tone. With a brand new mandolin, I find I am a little mean with the pick attack at first. The Kentucky KM-150 has good dynamic range, and once I started getting more aggressive, the mandolin came to life.I don’t personally play that high often, and for me, the trade off is well worth it. I find I can really lay into it, and the mandolin does not overdrive.The KM-150 was the first model to be produced at this new factory.In fact, to was years before the rest of the models all made it over.If you find your dog gnawing on your new mandolin, you know why! Pretty much every single thing about the KM-150 was changed.I am often asked what the specific differences are.After experimenting with just how hard I could slam the strings, I backed off a bit and found the sweet spot.It was playing cleanly, and I went through a couple of rounds of lowering the action at the bridge, tuning back up and giving it another go. The classic Sunburst finish looks great and I like the look of the pick guard.


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