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The woman was eventually rescued after neighbours, hearing the woman's screams, called the police.She was taken to hospital suffering from concussion, a rib fracture and severe wounds to the rest of her body.

A Russian 'Hannibal Lecter' left a dinner date horrifically disfigured after biting off her ears, nose and fingertips.

Monster Anatoliy Ezhkov had invited 41-year-old nurse Irina Gonchar to his apartment for a romantic evening at a hostel in Kurgan, central Russia, after meeting her online.

He related that when he was working for the military in a CIA project in Texas he knew that the military had purchased a convalescent home for old people who had long term health problems.

He said the CIA recruits doctors who do not have a strong chemistry background in some cases so they won't know exactly what they ae working on even though everything was compartmentalized. B as I will call him, and three of his doctor friends discovered that this project was to contaminate the food of the convalescent home people so as to determine how they can cause them to die sooner than normal without arousing suspicion.

He was a man who knew too many secrets for his own good.

He was writing a book but wanted me to document all he told me in case something happened to him.

Rest assured that everything you find located on my dating archive above is of the up-most highest quality the dating industry has to offer.

Whiz kid: Security company Intel Crawler posted these Web images of 17-year-old Russian, Sergey Taraspov.

It's believed he may be the architect of the malware that hacked up to 110 million Target customers The software installed on 40,000 machines across Target's 1,797 stores read the information on a card's magnetic strip -including account number, sort code and CCV code - when it was swiped through the machine.

Intel Crawler CEO Andrew Komarov didn’t accuse the young man of the Target heist but said he believes he developed the software used to skim credit card numbers and other personal data from millions of Target shoppers. retailers now being attacked with Black POS software, Komarov said.


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