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However if the intention of the male asking you is very obvious (such as catcalling you on the street) it is acceptable and advisable not to engage in conversation.

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Smoking is more or less accepted, especially for foreign women.

Women when they “hang out” will do so with their kids on the porch of their houses.

Women are expected still to be in charge of the children and kitchen and men are expected to do hard labor.

It is still very common for men to carry heavy things for you or not allow you to do any heavy lifting.

If you want OBs, you can find them at most chain-grocery stores or better yet, bring them with you from home.

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Diva Cups are virtually non-existent except in a few specialty stores in Managua Most women here use birth control in the form of an injection or the pill.

He will not look you in the eyes when you talk to him and it will take a while for him to kiss you but when he does, he will develop a strong and intense sense of ownership. This is the westernized type of man you are likely to meet where there are a lot of tourists.

This man views foreign girls as a form of conquest and is primarily after sex and looking good in font of his friends.

Acceptable bars to frequent as a women will have a clear name, usually a guard in front and be catered towards a more sophisticated crowd.

Although not prohibited per say, going to a no-name bar as a woman, especially alone is basically an invitation to be harassed by drunk men.eople in Nicaragua are generally very open and curious towards strangers.


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