Dating personality test

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People high in extraversion are energetic and seek out the company of others.Low scorers (introverts) tend to be more quiet and reserved.Agreeableness This trait is a sign of how we tend to interact with others.People who think they're wise will often say, "You just KNOW! But remember, ultimately it's up to you, not me, so remember to follow your heart! (girls only) Take this quiz, and see if you have found your true love, or if it will only be a crush. Remember, answer truthfully, or you will not get accurate results. we have class togeather and in the class he act like he doesn't know who i am but when i met him at park he flirt a lot .... Sometimes you simply aren't sure how you feel and what's really real. or at least who you look forward to seeing whenever you're going to be together - the reason you are taking this quiz!Openness This trait reflects 'open-mindedness' and interest in culture.High scorers tend to be imaginative, creative, and to seek out cultural and educational experiences.Giving what may appear to be the ‘right’ answer may serve to dilute your qualities and portray you as somebody quite generic; what makes you different is usually what makes you attractive.Thinking honestly is therefore recommended, both to distinguish yourself and allow us to introduce you to members who really suit you. When you have completed the test you will be presented with your personality profile.People high in agreeableness tend to be trusting, friendly and cooperative.Low scorers tend to be more aggressive and less cooperative.


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