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After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account.

There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. I met a guy on POF called Samsom Svendsen from Lund, Sweden civil engineer he stays his wife cheating on him with his best friend and died in a catastrophic accident with his daughter 4 years ago too many inconsistents in his information [email protected] engineer.

If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams. com Yes I had same thing engineer working in Texas off shore say He can’t use his card to get home just not right his name is Chris Met him on Christian Mngle it’s sad can’t trust Christian Dating sites either I guess I wasn’t suppose to find true love I’m ready just give up on it since can’t find any good men That doesn’t want money or i Tunes Hello, I was also talking to someone from the Coffee meets Bagel app and he said he was an engineer working in Boerne, TX, but he had to leave before we met and go do a job in Turkey and I didn’t hear from him for a week, then he came back on and said he was robbed and at first he didn’t ask for anything, but suddenly he couldn’t pay his hotel bill and he couldn’t get a hold of anyone from me in all of the US.

he took him 2 weeks to start to ask me money, as he is in Dubai on a rig, and need money to ship books other way he can not work. Lots of love letters very over whelming, love songs and live poems. Pictures seemed authentic, but nothing about this guy is authentic. These people are very good at what they do, they sweet-talk you and convince you that they are genuine. Oh, tell me what you'er going to do to me baby, blah blah blah, we have all heard it before until things get hot and we get carried away.

he has a women of name Carol to call me to try to convince me to send her the money. When he asked for an i Tunes card, 1at day of getting to the rig offshore in Canada i knew something was rotten in the beehive. And when they think they got you hooked, that's when they pop the question for money, or a calling card or even a bank account number.

Unsurprisingly, the show has received quite a bit of buzz, along with a considerable amount of backlash.

But so far, it seems like at least one happy couple has come out of it, so at least it's working.As her to send i Tunes card on only he wants picture of it. Now she asked me to lean her money to give to him so he can go on vacation an they can be together. I have photo i have been chatting to a guy who goes by the name of Christopher Morrison, says he is a geologist and lives in Reading. He calls me he’s wife to be and that he wants me to be the mom for he’s 11 year old boy and that he needs me to accept a box full of money cause he’s I Iraq Have you posted on here about him before? He told me the exact same thing but has not asked me for anything yet. These scammers will still pictures from all over the Internet and use them as their own photos, including the photos that you sent them.Also his fiance died , after a month of undying love he asks me for £3,000 quid to fix his machinary . I got suspicious and had my cousin do some checking and he led me to this site. I confronted him about being a scammer and he said I should have told him about it right away because we should have trust in our relationship. Saving them for another day or pass them around to other scammers.he say after 6 weeks he will come and see me, and would never leave me Sounds familiar. He has an accent, went to Poland at age 3, parents in Tx. You slowly falling in love with these jurks over time. I have often wondered if I was even talking to some radical religion fanatic at times. I have often wonder where Isis gets all their money.Went to Us A&M,, wife cheated with best friend, he caught them in bed, 2 kids in boarding school. I know fore a fact that when these scammers are talking to me thier also talking to someone else because of the delay between our conversations.But they always have some damn excuse as to what there doing.Trying to explain, ho baby, I'm doing bookwork or I'm talking to my daughter. There is always someone out there for each one of us.I’ve asked him for a picture of him taken with his daughters and to video chat with me. The water and he will do that as soon as he gets off the rig and gets his new phone. It's not hard at all, they just drag your picture into a file.Hi, I got the same, guy name called Daniel, pretending he is Norvegian, but had strong Nigerian accent, never wanted to be on video chat, and say same thing phone was dropped in water. Has sweet voice and laugh but just talks lovey dovey and avoids questions! And if you have 10 pictures they have a whole profile on you.(No, I'm not making this up.)From there, the "curtain" slowly rises with each elimination round, until the contestant gets to see the full picture of whoever's left.In the fourth round, the contestant gets to hear the remaining suitors' voices, and in the final round, the contestant also gets naked and everyone has a good old-fashioned nude conversation together, because why not?


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