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However, some people do prefer the more Advanced search option and in that case you can register at 12Step or both!If you register as a member at one of my dating sober sites and upgrade to an “All-Access” or “VIP” membership and write me at [email protected] will offer any member a one-month FREE VIP membership at any one of my other sober dating websites.But, when you add into the mix the fact that you are now living a sober lifestyle and hoping to find a partner who lives the same lifestyle, as well as with similar interests to yourself, where do you go?

It is actually posted on the site, “It is suggested by Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step Programs that their members hold off one year before dating or getting involved in romantic relationships.” The main reason for that is relationships are the number one reason that members “go back out” – a term frequently used for “relapsing”.Relationships of any kind (Husband/Wife, Mother/Son, Friendships, etc.) can attribute to members relapsing however it is usually the relationships involving dating and yes, sexual relationships that attribute the most to members going “back out”.There are so many raw feelings when dating sober (especially when first getting sober when pretty much all our feelings are raw) about acceptance and rejection and the general “dance” people play when dating and yes, drama!Maybe that was one of the problems; in fact most likely it was the main problem.I was dysfunctional and only attracted to dysfunctional men. Whatever the reason, people who *do* drink CANNOT let it go. THAT MOMENT WHEN YOUR DATE REACHES THE THRESHOLD WHERE HE THINKS HE’S MORE INTERESTING THAN HE ACTUALLY IS We all know that special, endearing moment when an over-served person begins to think everything they say is absolutely mind-blowing (when, in fact, it’s actually getting less coherent by the sip). I might be sober because I’m allergic, don’t like the taste, have religious objections, am in AA, or just don’t want to waste the calories.It has a “Quick” search feature where you can search by basics, sex, age, location.The Quick search also allows you to search within a certain mile radius (of your choosing) to your own zip code.Then you have the “Advanced” search feature which enables you to narrow down you selection right down to the height, body style, hair and eye color and lifestyle interests about how you like to spend your free time,, reading, dancing, antiquing, exercise, etc. Also whether or not you are single, separated, divorced and whether you have children, how many and if you are interested in having children?


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