Dating while homeless

I earned a salary that just about afforded me a comfortable flat.

I spotted Jason reading on the floor in the self-help section, wearing a beige woolly jumper with long hair in a pony tail.

The homeless guy I am imagining is someone like a photographer who travels the country and lives in his van.

I'm not talking about someone with addictions or other destructive self-sabotaging behaviors.

There was a wild look about him that caught my eye.

Jason started talking to me about the book he was reading and we chatted for ages, discovering we had much in common.

I think it's very easy to fall in love with a person's heart and soul. I would not deny my heart love simply because a person is homeless.

Is it practical to marry or carry on a relationship if they have no steady income? Material things don't much factor into love for me, but basic things like a house, food and car would significantly take away stress in a relationship.

I don't think I could love someone who is so paranoid that they need to live outside or are in the deepest part of their addiction struggle because those people tend not to be considerate partners.

But I had a friend who was homeless in high school for a bit when his mom kicked him out, he was still awesome he just had a terrible mother.


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