Definition of a female player in dating

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I was dating a player and didn't know it until I read his text messages. This guy is a doctor and the biggest player on earth. I sensed he was dating others, He was very protective of his phone, he wouldn't always answer the phone and when he called me back it was from the car, as he would fly girls to his home for the weekend.

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When one enters your life, you could be forgiven for believing that they are a gift from the gods – and that is exactly what they want you to think.

Sadly this thin veil of deception often hides low self worth, an inability to form secure attachments, and inevitably, heartbreak when the deception is exposed.

In their defense, many of the women who use the term player have been traumatized by past relationship mishaps.

Perhaps a husband cheated, or a long-term boyfriend abandoned them, or a man seen as having potential dropped them soon after sex. But if they believe it is their right to control the dating process, they should seek counsel.

Nevertheless, the online dating site profiles are fraught with some version of the following warning from women: “No players need apply—only those looking for a long-term relationship.”Many female accusers have a legitimate beef—and nobody wants to be played.

But I’ve found that the term player is also used far too often by controlling women who want to “control” the dating process.

And that's the kind of personality I can't tolerate because it's nothing but obnoxious.

These individuals have a very low self esteem, lack of self confidence and are very insecure as well.

They will know how to attract people and be a master at manipulation. One of the easiest way to spot a player is by the amount of time he spends online. Players love the company of women, enjoy spending time with them and cannot understand why a person would deny themselves the pleasure of more than one.

An experienced player is an expert at the double bluff, presenting himself as spontaneous and innocent at the beginning of a relationship, supposedly ignoring the text book 'rules of dating'. Fortunately for players their crap is often bought because they are so good at wrapping it up and delivering it. If you met your potential player online and find yourself reading his profile as 'active within the last 24 hours' three months into the relationship, you might want to reconsider his commitment to you. By contrast, he has few male friends - not understanding why you'd have a person in your life who you couldn't potentially have sex with. Don't expect to meet a player's friends or family anytime soon - they do not mix business with pleasure.


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