Definition of thermoluminescence dating

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Moreover environmental dosimeters are placed in archaeological site for few months in place of the sample obtained by means of coring.However, after stograge at 10°C for 25 hours, only 50% of the TL obtained immediately after irradation was measured.This instability, termed , was found to occur for feldspars in recent lava, and resulted in extremely low ages being determined for dated flows.Minerals with well-defined TL peaks are likely candidates for archaeological dating materials; they are short-listed by a trap depth measurement using the initial rise method.But experience shows that this test alone in inadequate to guarantee stability.The two standard methods have been acknowledged in domain of TL dating and are used widely for age determination in archaeology and geology.As a dating tool the TL technique has been of great success in authentication of ancient ceramic art objects.Anomalous fading was also found in samples of zircon and fluorapatite.Initial rise analysis of the 325°C peak in a quartz sample gave a trap depth of 1.05 ±0.03 e V indicating a meanlife at 20°C of only 200 years.It is vital to subject apparently satisfactory materials to further kinetic analysis.For example, for a sample of labradorite feldspar which has a broad TL peak centred at about 320°C, the initial rise method gave associated trap depths of 1.6 ± 0.2 e V.


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