Derek dating rose

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Izzie talks to George in the stairway saying that she told him she loved him and then she didn't hear from him for over two weeks.

That night he comes to the house and tells her that he loves her too.

Meredith tells Cristina that she hates the idea of Lexie, but the person herself isn't so bad.

Meredith dreams of her mother and feels she is being haunted, so she takes the urn out of her closet and puts her mother's ashes into a plastic bag and takes them to work.

season 4 caught us up with our doctors after they'd been on vacation for 17 days.

The interns return as first year residents, except for George, who has to repeat his intern year. Cristina has Lexie Grey, Meredith's half-sister, who desperately wants to get to know Meredith.A major theme running through the whole season surrounds Derek and Rose.Read more about all of the episodes in season 4 to learn what happens.Bailey tells Meredith to talk to Lexie because her mother died and Meredith was Susan's doctor.Bailey has a hard time with Callie being the chief resident and finally talks to her about it and says that they can be a team.Callie has a hard time running the residents and Bailey is upset that Callie won't give her a resident for the clinic, only interns.Bailey begs Meredith to help her and Meredith does.Lexie keeps staring at Meredith and Meredith tells her that she doesn't want to know her.Burke's mother gets the key from Cristina and then gets the rest of Burke's stuff from the apartment.Cristina figures out that Meredith is sleeping with Derek.Really Old Guy wakes up and Izzie tries to save him, but he wants to die and finally does.


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