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It never hurts to try out new sexy talk lines so you can find what works and what doesn’t so you can figure out how to finesse that special girl in your life and make her feel exceptionally sexy.

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Not only will this question let you know her sexual preferences, it will also cause her to visualize them.

As she is describing her stimulating zone, chances are she is also thinking about it.

After all, science has proven a little dirty talk can be good for you!

Here are 15 suggestive questions sure to get her in a hot and heavy mindset for sex:1. This is always a good question to start with since it gets her thinking about the bedroom and often leads to questions about sexy lingerie and flirty pajamas.

If you could see any part of a man's body first, which part would it be?

Try and encourage her to name something other than the standard answers that include his eyes. Have fun discussing why she chose this particular part of a man's body and why this turns her on.6. Be sure to make her describe this move in detail and ask suggestive questions about it yourself.This question helps to get her aroused and can also improve your technique with her in the bedroom.8. Some women find it easy to become sexually aroused during a massage and others find it extremely difficult.However she feels about this, you can help her become aroused just by describing how a massage given by you will feel.9. Any questions involving kissing almost always have a woman picturing physical intimacy with her partner. Men can all agree that there is something incredibly sexy about making a girl feel aroused simply by talking to her.There are so many ways to turn a girl on just by speaking!Have you ever accidentally (or purposely) watched another couple make out?This is the perfect question to ask to slowly give your line of questioning more sexual overtones.Access to their snapchat, kik, skype and more are just a tap away.Practice your sex chat sexting skills on our secure chat servers, or share sexy pictures to horny people right in your area!Since you're inquiring about the sexual activities of other people, she's more likely to continue to relax and play along with your line of sensual questioning.4.Have you ever decided to kiss or make out with a guy just because you were horny?


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