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The Suez affair was all the more astonishing because throughout his political life Eden had been, as he put it in his cathartic broadcast in the middle of the crisis on November 3, 1956, "a man of peace, working for peace, striving for peace, negotiating for peace.I am still the same man, with the same convictions, the same devotion to peace.Neil Patrick Harris — or, NPH as I’ll be calling him — has had an enviable life.

Eden's credibility was all the stronger because he had resigned as foreign secretary in 1938 over the Chamberlain Government's appeasement of Mussolini's Italy, and had been Churchill's wartime foreign secretary from 1940 to 1945 and also during Churchill's peacetime premiership from 1951 to 1955.

Indeed it had been Eden who had negotiated Britain's withdrawal from the Suez Canal Zone with Nasser in 1954.

Shortly after Eden succeeded Churchill, Egypt's President, Colonel Nasser, nationalised the Suez Canal - the waterway through which some 80 per cent of Western Europe's oil passed - which had been owned largely by the British and French since the 19th century.

After waiting for what the author Richard Thorpe proves was an unconscionable amount of time, trying to negotiate with Egypt and then the international community via the UN Security Council and other bodies, Eden finally agreed to a morally questionable scheme: Britain and France would secretly collude in an Israeli attack on Egypt, after which British and French troops would land in the Suez Canal Zone in a "police action" ostensibly designed to "separate the combatants".

The perceived threat which the US thus posed to sterling forced the Eden government to halt midway through the military operation, when only about half of the Zone was secured. Thorpe argues that the threat to sterling was in fact much exaggerated by the chancellor of the exchequer, Harold Macmillan, who was after Eden's job.

Tumultuous scenes in the House of Commons - Labour MPs yelled "Murderer!But this attempt failed to come off properly and so Eden endured obloquy for the plan.Because the United States was midway through presidential elections, which took place within days of the landing of British troops in Egypt, President Eisenhower and his secretary of state John Foster Dulles were forced to adopt a more anti-imperialist and therefore anti-British stance than they might otherwise have done.The guy was named Andy, and he offered to give NPH a “back massage,” which even then NPH understood was a euphemism for “orgasm.” But rather than become an A-ha! “Our chemistry worked well, and I cherished every scene I got with her.” 8. Even the consummate professional NPH stumbles once in a while.moment for him, he was filled with anxiety: “It’s less an escape from self than a brutal collision with it. Soon after the Rent tour, NPH went on a trip to Germany to visit his bestie, Ed Alonzo, who was doing a magic show in Berlin. During the middle of HIMYM, he tried to do a staged reading of Sondheim’s Company at Lincoln Center, which featured Stephen Colbert, Christina Hendricks, and Patti Lu Pone. ” was originally supposed to be “Come in and be inspired! Of course Eden was quite right to want to punish Egypt for her piracy, which - had it come off successfully - would have proved "no end of a lesson" to the Middle East in its dealings with the West.Had Eisenhower been more farsighted than merely fretting about a re-election campaign (years later, Ike admitted that not supporting Eden had been his greatest foreign policy mistake), his successor today might not be needing to go to war against Iraq today.You can hop from page to page or just read it straight through; either way, you will find amusing anecdotes, from the first time he had gay sex to the time Scott Caan tried to get into a “fight” with him. Dustin Diamond is one of the “more unpleasant people” he has had to work with. Screech, for the kids' movie Purple People Eater, and he was not impressed: "[Diamond] goes out of his way to offend pretty much every person he comes across.” He also addresses Diamond’s accusation in his book Behind the Bell that NPH and Ed Alonzo (Max on Saved by the Bell) had an affair: “It’s a completely false story that propagates a vicious lie to the grand total of twenty-three people who buy his book, presumably ironically.” (Or, you know, for work.) 2. In the early '90s, sexually confused NPH was out on a date with Eden Sassoon, daughter of Vidal, when Scott Caan tried to start a fight with him.Caan and Sassoon were former paramours, so Caan started bumping his chest against NPH and yelling, “What’s up with the West Side, yo?At a session at the Landmark Forum, he announced, “I am bisexual.” He writes, “In retrospect your admission of bisexuality will come to seem like a half-truth. insofar as you are prepared to acknowledge it at that moment.” 4. He steered the writers toward a Barney-Robin relationship on HIMYM.He had his first gay sexual experiences while he was doing Rent. While walking along Eighth Avenue at 47th Street, NPH ran into his fellow Broadway performer Kate Reinders, who was with Burtka, a “rakishly handsome James Dean–like hot dude in a leather jacket and T-shirt.” He found out that he Burtka was in a relationship with a Hollywood publicist, so he just patiently hovered around “like an unusually considerate hawk politely waiting for the opportunity to swoop down and attack.” Then, when Burtka and the publicist broke up, they went on a date. NPH adores Cobie Smulders, who played Robin on How I Met Your Mother: “She’s exactly the kind of woman I would want to marry if women weren’t all gross [and] icky.” During seasons one and two, he started giving her “extra-long looks” to see what the writers would do, and sure enough, they hooked up before eventually getting married.


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