Effective range of radiocarbon dating

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The qualitative characteristics of relevant financial data view of professional accountants and auditors are reviewed in the article. Some Aspects of Formation, Application and Recording of Internal Sources of Financing of Fund Expanded Reproduction Nikitenko Nikolay Sergeevich, Postgraduate of the Department of Accounting, Audit and ADP of FSEBI HPE "Kuban State University, Krasnodar, Russia, E-mail: [email protected] current setup of internal financing of fund expanded reproduction is reviewed and the new accounting tool providing business-interest in intensive extended reproduction is developed than it is described in current specifications of legislation.This process was accompanied by decline in overall milk and dairy products production and by livestock reduction of cattle.The increase in milk production in region one must be realized with the use of investment resources provided by purpose-oriented programs of branches development and with the use of equity capital.Key words: economic conversion, small and medium business, individual businessman, competitiveness, accounting, financial reporting, managerial decisions. The features of intangible assets audit as one of control means of intellectual property are reviewed. ESTIMATION OF ECONOMIC DAMAGE BY ENVIRONMENTAL DISTURBANCES UNDER CURRENT CONDITIONS OF INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION Chkhutiashvili Lela Vasilievna, Ph. in Economics, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Economy of FSBEU HPE Moscow State Law Academy named after O. Kutafin, Moscow, Russia, E-mail: [email protected] role of environmental audit in estimation of economic damage is reviewed in the article.Key words: intellectual property, intangible assets, law treatment, audit. The approaches to estimation of damage in environmental auditing are reviewed.Moscow, Russia, E-mail: [email protected] investment activity of Moscow is characterized in the article.The results from the analysis of data concerning investment volume into equity of Moscow broken down by All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities (bidigitate) levels for 2005-2010 are represented.It became possible due to the development of banking credit in general and project financing in particular.We will attempt to review the universal and Russian approaches to project financing. This problem is especially acutely showed in the modern period of convergence of international economic systems.Key words: project financing, the Russian approach, the universal approach. That is in particularly for Russia under the conditions of joining the International Trade Organization.Different aspects of possible position strengthening for small enterprises reviewed, the most effective ones are determined in current research.


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