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The group claimed that these attacks were a form of protest against the construction of a new rail line (line 12), in Mexico City (D. The construction had caused deforestation and the eviction of many families.Soon after this initial group of actions, the Frente de Liberación de la Tierra (Earth Liberation Front) claimed responsibility for a number of actions including the sabotage of a construction machine on December 30, 2008, Over the first months of 2012, several car arson cases in Buenos Aires were claimed by the "Frente de Liberacion de la Tierra", stating that "..proposal is to destroy property from the bourgoise class from Palermo to Villa Devoto who are sure that everything will stay the same, but some individuals are tired of this and pretend to continue with this initiative to expand the daily riots..." The ELF gained state attention in the state of Oregon in 1996 when they burned down the Oakridge Ranger Station.

Journal, an anonymous article announced the creation of the ELF in England.

It said the ELF is a movement of independently operating eco-saboteurs that split from the British EF!

There are also ELF support networks in Belgium, Italy, North America, and Poland, which collectively coordinate the support of prisoners, as well as websites for specific prisoners, such as for; Rod Coronado, Jeff "Free" Luers, Daniel Mc Gowan, Briana Waters and Tre Arrow.

Earth liberationists, are a diverse group of individuals with a variety of different ideologies and theories.

movement, which has focused directly on public direct actions.

The author noted that, unlike the ALF which seeks publicity: "ELF cells, for security reasons, work without informing the press and do not claim responsibility for actions." The ELF quickly spread across to Europe by 1994, with actions first occurring in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Spain, France and Finland, and the name starting to be used across the globe.The ELF claim that it would be similar to how the ALF has projected forward the animal liberation movement.There was also the intention that in the same way animal liberationists "help out" with legal campaigns, earth liberationists would aid above-ground environmental organisations, notably Earth First! The Earth Liberation Front was founded in 1992 in Brighton, England by members of the Earth First! ) environmental movement at the first ever national meeting. had become very popular, so people's concerns were based on maintaining this popularity and by doing so not associating with overt law breaking.Pumps, trucks and other machinery belonging to the company were destroyed after legal campaigners, Friends of the Earth, spent two years advocating a boycott of the company.Green Anarchist magazine publicised the communique with the demands from the ELF: All our peat bogs must be preserved in their entirety, for the sake of the plants, the animals and our national heritage. The water table will drop, and the bogs will dry out and die, unless it is preserved fully. In the September–October 1993 issue of the Earth First!With many different reasons why ELF activists carry out economic sabotage, a communique to the press claiming the responsibility for an arson against urban sprawl in December 2000, described the reason a cell took an action.As Elves usually do, they claimed that burning down the house was non-violent, because it was searched for any living creatures; an issue which is much debated within the environmental movement.The Fox, a Chicago area Fox River's environmental activist, began ELF style operations in the early 1980s with peak number of ELF actions occurred in early 1990's.In late November 2008, a group calling itself Eco-Anarquista Por El Ataque Directo (Eco-anarchist cell supporting direct attack) claimed responsibility for a number of recent actions, including half a dozen Molotov cocktails thrown at tren férreo (metro rail) in Mexico City, incendiary sabotage against Telmex, and a Molotov cocktail thrown at a Banamex ATM.The very first ELF action is unknown, or undocumented, but one of the first and most notable actions was on April Fool's Earth Night 1992, a night organised by activists to carry out ecotage and also one of the first of them.The Elves, as they were also known, targeted Fisons, a peat company accused of destroying the peat bogs causing £50,000–70,000 worth of damage.


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